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What is the point in killing the Archont?

Many players are wondering what are the advantages that can be gained after killing the Archont.

We offer you a short description of the buffs that you can gain together with your team. It should be noted, however, that we cannot disclose all the details of the game mechanics.

As you already know, killing the Archont gives buffs to a team that delivered the killing blow.

The first kill gives your team for the following bonuses for 1 minute:
• +2% HP-regen to allies heroes;
• cooldown reset for all active skills;
• -33% to receiving damage and +25% to movement speed for allies creeps (even for new creeps that appear while the buff is active).

The second kill provides your team the same bonuses as the first kill.

The third kill makes the buffs permanent.

Next Archont kills do not give any buffs, however, killing him again will deny the victory, and, as a result, will prevent the enemy team from receiving the same bonuses.

Good luck!

If you have any questions,
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