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1. General settings
To secure your DonationAlert account to a two-factor authentication, please enter your mobile phone number into the “SMS confirmation when withdrawing funds” category.

Important Notice: As an added measurement of security, we strongly encourage all DonationAlert users to bind their mobile phone number to the output withdraw process.
Under the category “Connections” the streaming services can be configured for your DonationAlert account.  To disconnect the streaming service, click the “Disconnect” button.

Please Note: It is not possible to disconnect the primary stream service assigned to your DonationAlert account. Please refer to “How to Sign Up” for more information on connecting and disconnecting from streaming services.
The “Regional Settings” allows users to select the primary currency and configure the appropriate time-zone for their account. While the “Base currency” will only affect the displayed currency in your account; this function was designed for convenience sake and will not affect the receipt of funds from streaming viewers.

2. The page for sending messages.
At the top of the page you can see the link for sending new messages that can be used for streaming platforms and for social networks. This link can also be used for users to send direct paid messages to your account. Below you can find the settings for the configuration of the messaging page.

Important: Users who prefer YouTube as their main service and wish to install the Avatar to their sending page, please first install the Avatar on the Google+ page. At the bottom you can find details and configure the settings for the minimal amount of sending messages.

This will enable you to set a lower threshold to avoid spam and notifications alerts while sending messages.