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Account migration for Steam users

To start the migration process, you need to log into Steam account and press the Play button.

Then, the My.com Game Center will be launched and you will see the window where you will need to enter your password and confirm the account transfer, my.com notifications delivery and the Terms of Use, Privacy policy and Payment Terms.

Make sure to create a safe password. If it would appear too weak you may receive a following notice after you press ‘Continue’ button. In this case try a more secure password.

If all data is correct, your account will be migrated to My.com with all characters, progress, items and Kredit balance.

Congratulations! Now you can use your login and password to login to My.com Launcher.

NOTE: If yout account was banned in game permanently, you will not be able to migrate it, In this case you can create a new account under My.com

NOTE: If you already have a My.com account in Warface under the same e-mail that you had your Warface.com account, you will be asked to pick one of them to keep and confirm your choice. Other account will be lost.


If you have any questions,
you can submit a ticket to the technical support team.